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Chafe-Proof Boxer Briefs

Chafe-Proof Boxer Briefs

"My thighs never chafe anymore! They're absurdly comfortable! I replaced every pair of underwear I own with these." -Spencer P.

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  • Goodbye Painful Chafing
  • Hello All-Day-Comfort
  • Breathable + Moisture Wicking

Details & Benefits

- LOVED by thousands of men across North America (see our 5 star reviews below)

- Crafted with the silkiest friction reducing material: Every pair of Atlas Chafe-Proof Boxer-Briefs are made from the most ridiculously soft and slick Modal fabric. Your thighs will glide past each other so gently the only question you'll be left with is: "Why didn't I buy these sooner?"

- Itch and adjustment free. These bad boys pair best in class moisture wicking with a flawless fit: Make annoying itching and awkward adjustments a distant memory.

- FREE SHIPPING on all orders $100 and over!

- Fully machine washable. Use cold water and low heat to ensure the longest possible lifespan for your Briefs.

- Atlas are your new favorite pair of underwear: You'll never want to wear another pair of underwear again. Perfect for day to day use, long walks or runs, intense workouts or long work days in the harshest heat.

Size Chart

Size (Waist in.)

M - 28-32

L - 31-35

XL - 33-38

2XL - 36-41

3XL - 39-44

4XL - 42-48

Shipping Info

Your order will arrive at your doorstep in 7-10 days!

Care Instruction

Atlas Anti-Chafe Boxer Briefs are to be washed with COLD WATER ONLY and dried on LOW HEAT ONLY.

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  • On the Go

    Walk all day long, our briefs make every step effortlessly smooth.

  • On the Job

    Power through your workday as Atlas boosts your comfort.

  • In the Heat

    Thrive in the heat of summer with our best-in-class moisture wicking.

  • At the Gym

    Crush your workouts while Atlas crushes chafing and discomfort.

Made with the Softest Chafe Eliminating Materials

Atlas Chafe Proof Boxer Briefs are made with our modal spandex blend reducing friction allowing your thighs to gently glide past each other without chafing.

We paired modal's extreme moisture wicking nature with nylon mesh making your new briefs the most breathable moisture managing monsters you will ever wear.

Your New Favorite Pair of Underwear.

Atlas Boxer Briefs stop chafing before it starts.

Silky slick, ultra breathable and moisture wicking. They're crafted to be soft on your skin but tough on chafing and moisture.

Experience a flawlessly comfortable fit and freedom from discomfort, no matter the heat.

Upgrade to Atlas. Choose comfort that lasts all day, every day.


How does Atlas prevent chafing?

Atlas prevents chafing in more ways than one. Our one-of-a-kind material, is super slick and super soft reducing friction and letting your legs gently glide past each other. Our Boxer Briefs also let moisture escape with our moisture wicking material and strategically placed mesh ventilation.

Worried About the Right Fit?

Our comprehensive sizing guide ensures you get the perfect fit, tailored to your body, every time.

Concerned About Skin Sensitivity?

Atlas Boxers are made with hypoallergenic fabric, ideal for all skin types, preventing irritation and allergies.

What is your shipping policy?

To process your order can take 1-2 business days. However, once the order has been processed and packaged, the time it takes for the package to reach you is approximately 5-12 business days.

What is your return policy?

Given the nature of our product we cannot accept returns. However, if there is a defect with the product please reach out to our customer support and we'll be happy to assist with any issue you may have!

Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews
Michael R.
Unbelievably Comfortable!

I never knew underwear could be this comfortable. Atlas boxer briefs are a game-changer.

Anthony M.
Unmatched Performance

I've tried many brands, but none compare to the performance of Atlas boxer briefs. They're simply the best

Daniel W.
Lifesaver for Long Days,

Atlas boxer briefs are a lifesaver for long days. They keep me comfortable and chafe-free from morning till night.

Matthew T.
Excellent Design

The design of Atlas boxer briefs is excellent. They fit perfectly and provide optimal support

Christopher S.
Perfect Thickness

The thickness of Atlas boxer briefs is perfect – not too thick, not too thin. Just right for all-day comfort.